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Our Wedding Registry Page

Both Ashley and I have been asked, by friends, what wedding gifts we would like. We appreciate the generosity that the question indicates and have discussed this between ourselves. The first thing that we want to say is having you join us to celebrate our marriage is the most important gift you could give. We had a great time with family and friends in September in Georgia and look forward to celebrating this side of the Atlantic in December in London. For those who would like to donate to our life together we hope that you will not mind our saying that, given our circumstances, the gift we would most appreciate is money. Ashley is moving continents and when she arrives in London we will need to set up our home together and money is the most portable way of achieving this and also gives us the greatest flexibility. We hope that this will not embarrass our friends and family but we know it may not appeal to all so we have also set up this listing. Thank you all for being part of this special period of both our lives.

We Have set up a Wedding Registry HERE For our guests to take a look at.