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The Proposal

William's Story

This had to be carefully thought out by myself, as I knew that while being unconventional in many ways, there were certain things that needed to be done right when it came to proposing to Ashley. Such things as being sure I asked her father for her hand before posing the question to Ashley. So having not had an opportunity to do this during a visit in later 2011/early 2012, I devised a plan to extend my stay by an extra week and finally have "The Talk" with Mr Schweck. When I finally plucked up the courage on that fateful day I went into the garage where Richard was sitting and began by saying "may I have a word when it is convenient with you", instantly I got the impression that Richard had a fair idea what I was wanting to talk about. To cut this portion of the story short, we spoke a while about just how much Ashley meant to me and that I would do anything to keep her happy. I was overjoyed when Richard informed me that he had not seen Ashley as happy in years as she was when she was with me. He gave me his permission to "pop the question". Now the even harder part really began, I sent a text after this to Ashley simply saying did she feel like going for a meal at a restaurant I had heard about in the area "Three Blind Mice", to this fortunately she said yes even though she would not be returning from work till about 7ish.

Upon her return, she changed out of her work scrubs, which in my opinion she looks fine in anyway.
We then made our way to the restaurant and were seated in what seemed like no time. A lot of the usual banter ensued, until I finally (albeit without getting down on one knee for fear of not being able to get up again and having her fall off her seat in fits of laughter) plucked up the courage to dive in and reaching across the table with the ring in one hand and taking her hand in the other, I uttered this life changing words, "Ashley Schweck, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife". Time seemed to stand still. I do not know how long it took her to reply, but I know my heart was pounding in my chest the entire time. fortunately for me she replied positively with "of course I will silly" I may be mis-remembering that last word but I am sure there was some sort of ashley-ism in there. At this point I felt all was right with the world. I had a feeling of completion.

Once we finished our meal, we drove home with Ashley occasionally starring at the ring I had given her and simply uttering the word "sparkly", we arrived home to find her father in the garage looking expectant although I think he became a little taken aback when he asked "Well???" and all he got in return from ashley was "well what?". I mean Well what??? really???? but I believe she was just tired and in shock over what had just happened (at least that was her excuse when asked "well what was your answer?" ) then we had a similar questioning from her mother and lots of happy comments were made by all before we found ourselves turning in for the night…...