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About this Happy Couple

Well the story started, as many do in this day and age, on the internet. We happened upon each other in an online world, we got talking we realised although we were very different in many ways there was a strong bond between us. But again as things often do in the world of the internet we drifted apart for many years...

However the story does not end there, not at all, for we were destined to meet again online a number of years later. This time we were determined not to lose each other again and so plans were made and a short time later we met in person and realised that self-same bond was still there. It swiftly blossomed into something much more even before we could see it happening. In fact the first to notice was seemingly my mother closely followed by my father's sister who, on the first time of meeting Ashley gave her some wise words of advice "You should marry him".

Anyway, to cut a long story short we decided to tie the knot, and Ashley hopes to move to the UK before the end of 2012 if all goes according to plan.